About PTS

About PTS

Quality Service - At PTS Consulting Services, it is believed that success is a derivative of "Quality". To ensure best for our customers, we develop an effective ground strategy that helps in meeting clients objectives. Our strong and healthy workforce guarantee constant improvement and long lasting

Efficiency - PTS Consulting Services aims at creating a difference in business operations by using management functions to achieve efficiency. In our consulting services, we follow best practices for operations processes.

Compliance - At PTS Consulting Services we believe that 100% consent to SLA's, Labour Laws and Statutory Policies is achieved at all levels-vendor, contingent worker and organizational levels.

Cost Saving - PTS Consulting Services boosts cost efficiency for it's clients by :

> Assisting, deployment & enforcing global best practises

> Business rules & initiatives such as sourcing decision support

> Optimized pricing structures & margins

> Demand management, vendor rationalization and tiering

> Volume discounts, comprehensive rate card analysis and management

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