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HR BPO Transformation

We understand the importance of efficient human capital management, complexity of regulatory environment and significance of having specialized skills and resources as the foundation of real and long-lasting competitive advantage.

Our HR BPO solution provides processes, technology, and dedicated service to supplement your in-house resources, or you can outsource your HR department to us for end-to-end HR management from performing administrative tasks of Core HR to aligning a People Strategy with your business objectives.

We analyze your business’s current and future needs and recommend processes to outsource, so that you can optimize your Human Resources (HR) functions and achieve high performance through HR excellence.

Human Resource Management is a Change Manager

Until now, companies have mainly used the support provided by Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Our HR BPO solution will strengthen the recruitment department and will take over the recruitment processes. HR BPO, on the other hand, is an overall form of cooperation that also supports the customer in other areas of its HR department.

The main idea of the HR BPO Transformation is to separate from the administrative processes and concentrate on the relevant processes that are most critical to achieving the company's goals. By ensuring performance in the human resources area, the company is also able to concentrate fully on its core business processes and increase efficiency.

Strategic and success factor of the HR BPO

More and more companies are open to the use of HR BPO in personnel recruitment. Experts in HR management agrees that HR BPO processes will continue to gain importance as a strategic tool. However, this is also accompanied by a change in the requirements profile for HR service providers. For example, to meet customer expectations for an increase in the quality of applicants, Talent Acquisition Managers take over the entire application and recruitment process from the maintenance of personnel marketing channels to the final interview.

An overview of the advantages of HR BPO:

> Ability to grow quickly.

> Focus on own core business.

> Flexibility.

> Efficient processes.

> Risk shifting.

“PTS offers tailored made solutions to cover the full spectrum of your HR business needs!”

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